Florida Ironman 2012

In 2012 I became an Ironman by completing the Florida Ironman in Panama City Beach, Florida. It took me a full year to write my recaps of each leg of the race and a wrap up. I think it took me so long because I really didn’t want the experience to be over. I guess it is fitting though since the race loomed so large in my life for a year before the actual race date, that it should take another year to close it out.

If you ended up on this page through an internet search on the race because you are considering signing up for it, I highly recommend IM Florida, especially if it is your first race. The course is predominatly flat and fast (well, fast for the other racers anyway) and the weather in Florida in November is usually fairly accomodating.

The weather on race day 2013

On the other hand, if you are already signed up and want to read about how a very slow first timer did, the links to all of my posts dealing with the race are listed below.

Need another reason to sign up for IM Florida? Great race swag.

I did not get into a lot of particulars regarding course specifics, fueling, clothing and gear, etc. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me with them or post them in the comments section. I love talking Ironman!

Happy Racing!

Back Of The Stampede: Ironman Florida Race Recap

This was written two weeks after the race and is basically an “I finished!” post.

The Good-I finished my first Ironman!

The Bad-140.6 miles-really, does anything more have to be said?

The Ugly – 2.4 mile ocean swim. The fact that I list the swim as worse than the whole 140.6 of the race should tell you something.

Random beach shot from our condo balcony

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Back Of The Stampede: Ironman – Pre-Race Road Trip and Accommodation

This post covers the trip to the IM and the days leading up to the race.

We rented a van to haul the gear and drove it. It seemed so much longer

Click here to read about the trip and gearing up for the race

Back Of The Stampede: Ironman – The Swim

The Good – I made the time cutoff and didn’t drown. Seriously, that is the good.

The Bad – The waves were horrible.

The Ugly – Spoiler Alert- this was the absolute worst leg of the Ironman for me, both mentally and physically.

Click here to read the entire swim report

Back Of The Stampede: Ironman – The Bike

The Good – The swim was over. Really. Actually the bike leg is mainly flat. While there are some hills throughout the course, they are for the most part few and far between.

The Bad – The weather was a little warmer than expected and there was one really long section of BAD road.

The Ugly- 112 miles y’all. I mean, really, no matter how flat it is you are still pedaling for 112 miles.

Bumbog! Ready to go with her race wheels on.

Click here to read the entire bike report



Back Of The Stampede: Ironman – The Run

The Good – Great two loop flat course and as I ran most of it in the dark the temperatures were cooler than in the heat of the day. There were a lot of spectators along about 75 percent of the course. The water/fuel stops were well manned with volunteers and well stocked with flat coke and chicken broth. Amazing stuff. The best, most fun, and by far the most memorable of the three events in the IM.

The Bad – 26.2 miles. There were several places where it got dark. Really, really dark.

The Ugly – 26.2 miles after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike. Besides that, and my body wanting to rebel on me, there was absolutely nothing ugly about this portion of the race. It was truly wondeful. For reals.

Feeling great at the halfway point.

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Back Of The Stampede: Florida Ironman – It’s A Wrap

My final Ironman post that includes my two big lessons learned.

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