Guys and DollsĀ 

Howdy Stampeders!!!

I have a lot going on over the next two and a half weeks and, luckily, all of it involves fun and travel.

Seriously, do you hate me?

By the time you read this I will be winging my way to Paris, France for the Paris Marathon. The fun part about that trip is that it is both a girls’ trip and a race trip. Badu Geobug (BG) will be joining me in running the marathon and Tammy, uber support crew extrodinare, will be guarding the bottle of Dom Perignon that BG is hauling to France to celebrate the race.

Yes, you read that right. As I type BG has a well packed bottle of expensive French bubbly bubble wrapped in her suitcase. The original conversation went something like this –

BG “I have a bottle of Dom Perignon in my closet. Celebrating the marathon seems like a good reason to drink it. Do you want me to bring it to France?”

Me “Hellz yeah!”

I have a bottle of Dom laying around, this seems like a good reason to drink it? Who does that? I can’t keep a $5 bottle of bubbly laying around the house, much less a $500 one. Oh well, this definitely counts in the Win For Me column.

I am hoping to get reacquainted with this guy at Notre Dame while I am Paris.

I am hoping to get reacquainted with this guy at Notre Dame while I am Paris.

Still not hating me? Keep reading.

After 5 days in Paris I am taking a flight to Ireland and will be there for a week and a half. I will be hanging with my My Honey and a guy friend at Niamh Cottage. We also intend to do some of the touristy stuff too as this is his first trip to Ireland. So much fun to be had.


A view of Kenmare Bay from near Niamh Cottage


Hate me yet? Yeah, I figured you would be there by now.

The funny thing is that I think I am more interested in how the two trips will be so different, the guys vs girls thing, than the actual places I am visiting. I feel like I almost need two different sets of clothes and expectations. I do have to say though that the girls have really brought their A game with the bottle of Dom. I don’t know how the guys are going to top that, but I sure hope they try.

Guys, y’all are up to bat. Don’t let me down.

Happy Trails!!!