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Howdy and welcome to Back of the Stampede! I am Ima Mosier (not my real name.) The name of my blog and my pseudonym say almost everything about me and why I blog. I am a super slow athlete, Ironman, lover of animals, writer who likes to think she sees and writes about the humor of her extremely mundane life, and finally, a Texas gal through and through.

I live in the Dallas area with My Honey (my husband) and The Beasts (three rescue dogs). I am lucky enough to be married to the love of my life, who puts up with my quirks, and wild flights of fancy. He doesn’t even roll his eyes when I tell people I am an athlete. Not where I see anyway.

I am surrounded by The Herd. They are an amazing group of friends who also don’t roll their eyes when I tell people I am an athlete. Their eyes don’t glaze over too much when I talk about running and triathlon ad nauseam. They are usually up for a swim, bike, or run. They are ALWAYS up for a happy hour or gear shopping. They reluctantly willingly become fodder for my blog by letting me write about our adventures, or lack there of.

I began blogging while training for an Ironman as a way document my journey. Along the way I struggled to find blogs and recaps by athletes who weren’t a size zero or who ran 7 minute miles. I decided that I needed to spread the word that you don’t have to be a size nothing or Flash Gordon to be an athlete and realize your dreams, whether they are a 5K or an Ironman.


 In addition to an Ironman, I have run 4 marathons and am currently in        training  for the Paris Marathon and my second Ironman in Florida in 2015.  I completed 13  half marathons in 2013 (13 in 13, yeah baby!), I am a Sweat  Pink Ambassador, a  Shine Athletica Ambassador, and was an Esprit de She   Race series Ambassador in  2013 and 2014.

Please join me on this adventure called life.

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