13 in 13 -2013 Challenge

My 2012 challenge to myself was to complete an Ironman. Check. For 2013 my quest was to complete 13 half marathons. Get it? 13.1, 13 times in 2013. If you want more info on this decision jump past the race schedule to read the full 13.1 on the decision.


None! 13 in 13 completed on December 14, 2013!



Cocoa Women’s Half MarathonSan Antonio, TX-Completed! 1 down – 12 to go. Race Report. Time – 2:22:13


Texas HalfIrving, TX-Completed! 2 down -11 to go. Race report. 2:18:00 WhooHooo!

Playtri Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon -McKinney, TX-Completed! 3 down – 10 to go. Race Report. Time- 2:29:51 Hilly course, Ugh!


Rock-N-Roll HalfDallas, TX- Completed! 4 down -9 to go. Race Report Time – 2:21:36


Big D Half Marathon – Dallas, TX- Completed! 5 down – 8 to go. Race Report Time – 2:17:26 PR for 13 in 13 I was trying really hard to break 2:17 for a lifetime PR. Didn’t make it. Sigh.


0 Half marathons completed in May


The Jalapeño Half – Fort Worth, Tx – June 29th- 6 down – 7 to go. Race Report Time – 3:04:54


Irving Half Marathon – Irving, Tx – July 6th- 7 down – 6 to go. Race Report coming. Time – 2:28:06


The Hottest Half – Dallas, Tx – August 25th-13.1 in Texas in August. BRUTAL. 8 down – 5 to go. Race Report Time – 2:39:17


The Dingle Half Marathon – Dingle, Ireland – September 7th – 9 down – 4 to go. Race Report Time – 2:30:10


The Tyler Rose Half Marathon – Tyler, Tx – October 13th- Crazy hills-walked A LOT. 10 down – 3 to go. Race Report coming. Time –2:28:15

The Cape Cod Half Marathon – Falmouth, MA-October 26thAmazing! – Race Report coming. 11 down -2 to go. Time – 2:24:05


DRC Half -Dallas, TX- November 3rd- Miserable-too many halves in too few weeks – Race Report coming. 12 down – 1 to go. Time – 2:29ish- I will post official time when it comes in.


Metro PCS Dallas Half– Dallas, TX-December 8th- This race was cancelled due to ice.  Scrambling to find a back up for #13

Whine Another Marathon-Dallas, Tx – December 14th. Thank goodness I found another one before the end of the year! -Done, Done and Done!

So Why Am I Doing This?

For the last two years my sole sports related goal was completing my first Ironman. It was such a daunting task, for me at least, that I really couldn’t focus on anything else. Some of this was physical, but most of it was mental. Wrapping my head around completing 140.6 miles in under 17 hours took up the majority of my mental resources. Sure, I completed two half Ironmans, a marathon, and a handful of shorter distance races along the way, but they were all just stepping stones to the main painfest. So after I completed Ironman Florida in November I didn’t immediately start looking on another long term goal to set my sights on. I just wanted to veg for a little while. And veg I did. I became a couch potato for not only the recovery month I had allowed myself, but also for the entire month of December.

After the IM people would frequently ask me, “So what’s next? What races do you have lined up?” My first goal was, as it always is, to get faster. But, by mid-December I was already bouncing some ideas around in my head, and believe me, there is a lot of empty space for things to bounce around in there. Even though I had sworn that the marathon part of the IM would be the last marathon I had in me, I actually started thinking of doing the Chicago marathon as my next “project.” I also had several half marathons picked out for the first few months of 2013.

Then, in the last week of December I went out on a training run with friends and another runner told us how she had set the goal of completing 13 marathons in 2013. I didn’t give it much thought that day, but my mind kept returning to it and within a couple of days I decided that it would be my next goal for 2013. So yes, all of this buildup was just to tell you I stole another runner’s idea. I am not in the least bit original, honest, but not original. So I have to depend on the people around me to come up with cool, fun, ideas.

So I think that, as with most of the goals I set, this will start out as a lot of fun and a way to keep myself motivated to run. Then it will become not so fun and I will really have to push myself to stick with my training. By September or October ( maybe by July since we are talking about 100 degree weather in Texas) it will have slid into total drudgery. I have a special gift for taking something that I really enjoy, in this case half marathons, and making it into a challenge that in the end, sucks all the joy right out of it.


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