Mosier’s Musings – The Moving Line

Howdy Stampeders!!!  I have been MIA for the last several weeks.  I ran the Paris Marathon, went to Ireland and then returned to Dallas to have some previously scheduled medical work done.  It is taking me longer than I expected to get back into the swing of things.  I haven’t been writing any posts and, even worse, I haven’t been reading any other blogs.  I say even worse because reading other blogs is usually what inspires me to keep moving and writing.  But I think I am ready to get back on track and try to catch up on what I have missed.  In the meantime, I am going to {Read More}

A Vacay Update

Howdy Stampeders!!! I am so far behind with this update and it is going to be a short one.  Here we go: I went to Paris.  To say that it was amazing would be a complete understatement.  I had a wonderful time with Tammy and Badu Geobug (BG).  We did the Paris 5K breakfast Run.  By “did” I mean that Tammy and I left the course for impromtu mimosas from a stand at the base of the Eiffel Tower. BG and I ran the Paris Marathon and celebrated afterward with Dom Perignon that she won several years ago and then hauled to France in her luggage for just that occassion. {Read More}

Guys and Dolls 

Howdy Stampeders!!! I have a lot going on over the next two and a half weeks and, luckily, all of it involves fun and travel. Seriously, do you hate me? By the time you read this I will be winging my way to Paris, France for the Paris Marathon. The fun part about that trip is that it is both a girls’ trip and a race trip. Badu Geobug (BG) will be joining me in running the marathon and Tammy, uber support crew extrodinare, will be guarding the bottle of Dom Perignon that BG is hauling to France to celebrate the race. Yes, you read that right. As I type {Read More}

The Whining Round Up

Howdy Stampeders!!!! I have gotten away from The Weekly Round Up for the last few weeks for this exact reason. It seemed to have turned into The Whining Round Up. But there were just too many things to whine about this week to be ignored. So, without further ado, some whining for your Monday morning.   So about every other post I have written about how I will be crawling running the Paris Marathon on April 12.  Also every other post I have written about how my training is JUST. NOT. THERE.  I have had motivation problems, and foot problems, and time problems.  Really, just about anything and everything (mostly excuses) {Read More}

Elastolace Review and Giveaway

Howdy Stampeders!!!   I received a product free of charge to complete an Amazon review.  I liked the product so much I wanted to review the product on BOTS and asked Underdown if I could do a giveaway.  My opinions are based on my experiences with the product and company and are completely my own. This week I have another Friday Favorites and Give Away!  Here is the back story – I am registered on Tomoson.  For those of you who don’t know, Tomoson is a site that hooks up bloggers, or social media influencers with companies wanting to promote their products.  I don’t do a lot of sponsored product {Read More}

The Panther City Half Marathon Stampede Report

Howdy Stampeders!!! Everyone knows I am training for the Paris Marathon, right?  And if you have been keeping up, and not just clicking on another page when my whining becomes annoying, you know I have been struggling with said training.  Between aches, pains, twinges and an appalling lack of motivation, especially when it comes to my long runs, the mileage just hasn’t been there.  So somewhere along the way I decided that running a half marathon race in place of the 14 miles I had on the schedule would be a good idea.  I figured that if I paid the race entry I would be more motivated to get out and {Read More}


  Then a bug flew into my mouth and I swallowed it. True story.

Weekend Update – Going Long, Maybe

  Howdy Stampeders! I haven’t done either a Weekend Update or a Weekly Round Up in several weeks.  I usually do a weekend update if I have big plans for the weekend and a Weekly Round Up on Sunday evenings to sum up my week.  I have done a couple of races the last few weeks, but was too lazy didn’t have time to post about them going into the weekend.  And I haven’t done a Weekly Round Up because, frankly, the news hasn’t been good. For the last several years I have been basically injury free – at least for a regular runner.  I have had my share of stiff muscles, {Read More}

Trinity River Levee Run

Howdy Stampeders!!! March 7, 2015 was the 11th annual running of the Trinity River Levee Run.  The Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava, opened in 2012 and has since been the star attraction of the race.  I ran the Levee Run the first year it featured the bridge and it was spectacular.  This year was only slightly less, exciting, mainly due to the snow, ice and rain Dallas experienced in the week leading up to the race and a cold race morning.  This post also comes with a disclaimer.  This is the first race report I have done in awhile and there were a sad lack of pictures {Read More}

Registering for Your Ironman

Howdy Stampeders!!! Welcome to Registering for Your Ironman. This is another post in the A Year to 140.6 series that will help you get one step closer to your full distance triathlon.   We have already covered what is involved in a triathlon, selecting your triathlon and a year long checklist for preparing for your Ironman.  Of course, if you don’t get signed up for your race of choice you will be sitting on the sidelines so now it is time to talk about the ins and outs of registering for an Ironman. You are probably thinking I know how to register for a race. I don’t need to read a {Read More}